Monday, April 25, 2016

Statement Regarding False Allegations

Some of the candidates who are running for town council who do not have my support and several local citizens associated with their campaigns have falsely alleged that I gave a vulgar hand gesture during a public forum and luncheon. I unequivocally state for the record that I never have and would never make a crude gesture to any of these candidates. Simply put, they are using this false claim in an attempt to discredit me as an elected official and conceivably those candidates I do support in this election.
It goes without saying that those who have made these false allegations are those who have been critical of me, who are politically opposed to me, and who do not align with me on Town issues. I believe the voters see this for what it is and will take full advantage of their opportunity to tell those who orchestrated this appalling attack what they think about this tactic when they vote on May 3rd.
I do not intend to make any further statement regarding this matter and will leave these candidates and their associates to themselves in the political gutter.
Karen Jimmerson