Friday, March 27, 2015

Council Comments from March 24, 2015

I have made my Public Comments from the March 24th, 2015 Town Council Meeting available via Scribd.  Included was my response to the most recent editorial in the Purcellville Gazette.

This meeting included a presentation from the International Mountain Bike Association which can be viewed also via Scribd.  I believe in open dialogue about economic opportunities in Purcellville. Members of staff and town council will only consider those which will not destroy the natural environment and can be done in the least impactful manner to the environment and the neighboring property owners.

Brad Quinn, from the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department, also gave a presentation on the operations and funding of our local Fire Department.  80% of all Purcellville residents do not know that our fire department is a volunteer organization with 120+ volunteers.   Members of our community volunteer their time and energy to provide fire services which saves close to a million dollars a year in operational costs to taxpayers.  When you get their envelope in the mail, please consider making a donation or do so at this link.  

The weather in Purcellville for Spring Break is looking pleasant.  Enjoy your travels and time off from school or work.