Friday, January 30, 2015

Update on Purcellville Town Council

The Crooked Run Orchard Settlement will soon be concluded.  If there is no appeal to the zoning, the Town will finalize the settlement and the matter will be concluded in mid-February.  The council was split on how best to reach this end, but I am pleased that the settlement passed 4-3 and we are at a point where the acrimony between the Brown's and the Town will be finally put to rest and we can once again be partners with a family farm that has been in one family for over 250 years.  

At the last Town Council meeting we covered a lot of ground, finally ending our meeting at 11:15pm at night.  Important things we worked on included an Annexation and Boundary Line Adjustment Policy so that when developers or land owners wish to annex into town, they have a defined process to follow which makes it easier for all parties involved.  A huge part of the process involves the public and those most affected by the annexation.  

We worked on refining our Code of Ethics and Norms &Procedures for the Town Council that will govern our processes, meetings, and be a guide for council members as we conduct the business of the town.  Each member of Council put in much thought and care into the process and in the end we will have a great guide that will ensure we act with the upmost integrity and due diligence for the people of Purcellville.  

Council Members John Nave and Patrick McConville have been working at putting together a Citizen and Business Survey which will further help us to better serve Town residents.  They are still refining a few things and figuring out the best and most cost effective way to get it out to the public, but this is something that municipalities do on a regular basis so that we can improve our services and be more attentive to the needs of the community.  

The Town Council unanimously approved the lease/purchase of a new Vactor Truck. The current truck has outlived its useful life and the public works department maintained it so well that it gave them extra years of service it otherwise would not have had.  This Vactor truck may not seem important to you, but having that piece of equipment is critical for our workers to keep well maintained catch basin and storm sewers which are essential to the welfare of our community and the clean water we rely on.  This truck is often used to help the smaller municipalities in Western Loudoun and brings in a small income every year as well.  

The Leesburg Today released their Best of Loudoun this week.  It is disappointing to see that Purcellville's Traffic Circle was nominated as the second worst traffic hazard in Loudoun. The traffic incident report shows that accidents in other areas of Purcellville are much higher so it is more misperception than reality.  Hopefully this image will fade as residents become more and more used to driving in the circle since they keep traffic moving much better than a light or a four-way stop. Hopefully in time, funding will be used to improve intersections that most need it.  

It is amazing that January 2015 is already coming to a close.  I am truly enjoying my service to Purcellville and I thank everyone for entrusting me to be one of the stewards of theTown we all call home.