Monday, May 12, 2014

Thank You Purcellville

I am immensely grateful to my family, friends, and supporters who so generously contributed their time and effort to my campaign.  It was inspiring and enjoyable to meet so many residents of Purcellville during the campaign, which further affirmed that my message was their message. You took the time to share with me your ideas, your concerns, your aspirations, and I appreciate your willingness to share what matters most to you.

Going forward, we need to take a coordinated look at our community and work together in the best interests of our citizens. We must to be pro-active and not re-active. We need to continue to fight against development that does not truly benefit our community or truly contribute positively to our local economy. We must work in partnership with our county and state legislatures to obtain our fair share of county and state tax dollars. As a town we need to be better communicators and we need to be more transparent with your tax dollars and strive for a sound financial foundation, which will help grow our local economy and provide the funds to meet the needs of our residents.  

I want to encourage everyone to stay involved by attending town meetings so your voice will continue to be heard. Town Hall is open to everybody and the more active and willing to contribute our residents are, the faster we will achieve our vision for Purcellville. We can’t do this job without the involvement and openness of the people.

Purcellville faces challenges in the coming years, but we can overcome them if we always do what is best for residents. I continue to be delighted that my family picked Purcellville as the place to raise our three daughters and I will work hard to see this town reach its full potential without abandoning what makes it so charming and attractive to those who choose to live here. Thank you.