Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Planning Commission Meeting Thursday, May 15th 7pm

Purcellville Planning Commission Meeting & Work Session is tomorrow evening.  

On the Agenda is discussion of (potential) Rezoning Changes, which includes but is not limited to 
the Hirst Rd & Maple Ave corridor from its current zoning to Mixed-Commercial. This is not a public hearing and no vote is taking place on rezoning, it is merely for planning purposes.  

It is important to stay abreast of these meetings and proposals because Several Mixed-Commercial rezonings were recently denied by the Planning Commission in March (Catoctin Creek Towne Center) based on our Comprehensive Plan and the negative strain on our infrastructure it would cause. 

With regards to the current zoning, this comment concerns me: 
"As presently zoned, this area will most likely develop the way Richardson Lane and Bailey Lane have developed in large lot industrial buildings.  This will limit revenue for the Town as these types of businesses do not produce high end property tax revenue for the Town"
We shouldn't be focused solely on "revenue", we need to be focused on the people of Purcellville. We need to weigh the cost/benefits to increased infrastructure costs for schools, police, constant road improvements ,and increases in traffic, etc. and to include the input of residents.

Click Here to Read the Planning Commission Agenda for May 15, 2014 

I encourage all residents to attend this meeting and to continue to be involved in our local government so that your voice is never diminished and you can be part of the process.