Saturday, April 12, 2014

Developer Serves Up A False Promise To Manipulate The Debate

The local fire & rescue department were told they would receive $40,000 from the development of Catoctin Creek Towne Center.  Now that the development has (likely temporarily) withdrawn, many of our local fire & rescue volunteers are displeased with those who were opposed to the development because they will now lose out on those needed funds.   

Below is the last minute proffer added on March 4, 2014 (The only proffer included during the entire year and a half process was $1,000,000 for traffic improvements).  

Let’s look at the square footage of the proposed development:

                                    226,997         Apartments
                                    3,444            Apt Clubhouse
                                    28,000           Entertainment Venue
                                    300               Visitors Center

This equates to $25,874, not $40,000. 

It is shameful that our public services are so strained that we would accept and want a development that would have such a negative impact on our community.  We must find better and more efficient ways to fund our public services so that these types of false choices do not have to be made.