Thursday, December 7, 2017

Purcellville is Merry & Bright!

This is without a doubt the most distasteful editorial the LTM could write.
To disparage our town and our employees who worked so very hard to put on a wonderful event like this is beyond the pale. We had the highest number of attendees to date. We enjoyed dancers and carolers who entertained the crowd, as well as treats for kids and adults. For all the discord the LTM wants to create, there was none that night. Everyone was happy, enjoying themselves, and tons of people laughed when the tree didn't light up right, with one gentleman shouting, "hey, it's just like at my house" to which everyone laughed.
Here are some FACTS:
First: the Mayor went out of Town and was gone that entire weekend. That happens, it is called having a life outside of being Mayor. Six members of our Council work full-time jobs, they can't be expected to attend everything. Besides that, all of them have spouses and/or children with events to attend with their family. One Town Council member has missed 10 meetings and made only one interview session, but the Mayor misses a tree lighting and that is newsworthy.
Second: The LTM knows there is a lot we can't talk about simply because these are personnel issues and we legally can't say anything. Constantly asking or implying we aren't talking is stoking the flames to create a salacious storyline.
Third: The HR consultant was hired by the Interim Town Manager (not Council). For those who need a lesson in gov't: the Town Council is the legislative body, we are not involved in personnel issues unless it is with the Town Manager. The Town Manager is the only position on staff that the Council has full purview over. All other administrative tasks are handled by staff.
Everyone wants to know everything but we don't have the full picture yet which is why we are bringing in an investigation firm to audit the original investigation, to determine if the investigation was handled properly, and to investigate all allegations and complaints to date.
In the Absence of Information, People will Believe the Worst.
I don't.
I believe we have a lot of talented and dedicated staff members who truly love our Town.
I believe that my colleagues are competent and many have been working nearly full-time hours trying to assist in any way we can to help staff.
I believe Purcellville is a wonderful town. All it takes is a quick drive down Main Street to see all the holiday decorations painted by local residents who gave their time and talents to add beauty and joy to our Town and make things merry and bright!

Holiday Ornaments are all along Main Street and 21st Street. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Endorsement of Mavis Taintor - Virginia District Delegate 33

I am proud to endorse Mavis Taintor in the 2017 primary and general elections for State Delegate in the 33rd District. Virginians want leaders who are about protecting and creating good paying jobs, racial and economic justice for all and committed to fighting for true representation in Richmond. Our district is diverse and vast and requires resources to run a strong campaign, intellect to take on the divisive voices, and an ability to connect with people. 
Mavis has the experience, leadership, and character for the job.  Her story is truly inspiring. She rose in the ranks of the financial industry when no other women were there, started her own business and grew it successfully, and garnered a reputation for getting things done.  Her progressive values show from her time with Head Start and her participation in the Million Mom March against gun violence. 
I know what it means to represent people and I believe Mavis has what it takes to represent all Virginians.  I’ll be casting my ballot for Mavis Taintor on June 13 and I urge everyone in District 33 to do the same.